reported speech

Oxford Practice Grammar LESSON Advanced
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Unit 12 Reporting – Indirect speech (page 150)
Worksheet 2
1 Jason: ‘I don’t like the way my sister always tells me what to do.’
2 Hotel receptionist: ‘You can’t use the swimming pool and sauna area today,
but it will be open tomorrow.’
3 Julia: ‘This is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.’
4 Ricardo: ‘Luca has to give in his essay tomorrow, but I didn’t see him at the
5 Teacher: ‘I’ll start the lesson when everyone is quiet.’
6 Leona: ‘When I came home last night, I saw a strange person hiding in the
7 Tiago: ‘I’m having a party next week. Shall I send you a map or can you
remember where my house is?’
8 Hotel receptionist: ‘You can help yourselves to tea and coffee in the
breakfast room, Mr and Mrs Smith.’
9 Restaurant owner: ‘This restaurant is very successful, so I’m going to open
another one in a seaside town.’
10 Bank worker: ‘You have to fill this form in yourself and sign it at the
11 Scientist: ‘This is the most polluted city in the world, and people who live
here often suffer from breathing problems.’
12 Pedro: ‘I’ve been studying all night, so I feel terrible.’
13 Policeman: ‘Where were you and what were you doing at 10 p.m. last night?’
14 Employee (to boss): ‘Shall I leave the report on your desk this evening, or
can it wait until tomorrow?’
15 Joanna: ‘I’ll lend you my dictionary if you need it.’
16 Weather forecaster: ‘There’s going to be a heatwave and it’s going to be very humid.“