35 Idioms for class

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35 idioms 4 class

While catching up on some films and shows, I noticed a few school idioms and decided to do something different this week. So here is a list of some common classroom-based idioms that you may hear, read or hopefully, even use.

A for effort

This comes from the A – F grading system meaning that at least you tried.

The presentation was terrible but you get an A for effort.

A schoolboy error

Meaning that this was a very basic mistake down at an early stage of learning.

The President mispronouncing “nuclear” was a schoolboy error.

Apple polisher

This is popular in Brazil with students although I’ve never heard it in my lifetime in the states. It comes from the old custom of bringing an apple to your teacher to win their favor and polishing it to make it shine the brightest.

I heard you compliment the teacher on her…

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